2pcs SoundZero Betta Aquarium Filter


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[Improve water quality] The pores of the sponge filter have a large surface area, where aerobic bacteria can spread. Cultivating nitrifying bacteria can provide excellent biological filtration for your water tank.
Betta fish, fry and other small fish will never be sucked into the filter.
[Fine Filtration] As water passes through the pores, the sponge traps dirt in your tank, making the water clear and transparent. It is very efficient and can decompose toxic waste in the water tank.
Easy to clean and reuse: the sponge can be used multiple times. When changing water, do not use tap water, but use water from the water tank for cleaning. Just rinse and wring several times until water runs out of the sponge.
Versatility: This aquarium filter is small and can easily hide behind plants. It is suitable for any corner, very suitable for shrimp tanks, breeding tanks, fighting fish tanks, nano tanks, turtle tanks, fish tanks, goldfish, fish juveniles or other fish.


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