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【Multi-filtration functions】: Boxtech sponge filter combines a single scientific 7-layer rib-shaped sponge design, which can quickly establish a bio-filter, improve the quality of purification water and the port of oxygen can rotate 360 ​​degrees without dead ends, keep your crystal aquarium clear and clean.
【Special Ceramic Filter Media】: Boxtech aquarium sponge filters compatible with container with biological ceramic filter media inside, which helps remove harmful substances and increase oxygen level in your tank, you can replace the filter media to improve the water quality.
【Easy to Install】: Using an air hose, connect one end to your air pump and the other end to this filter. The water outlet pipe on the sponge filter is adjustable, allowing you to change the direction and height of the water flow. Do not use tap water to clean, just put the sponge into the water of the water tank to clean it, to avoid destroying the sponge nitrifying bacteria environment.


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