BUCATSTATE Hamster Cage With Accessories


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🐰【ROOMY HAMSTER CAGE】 The dimensions of the cage are 62*35*43cm, 0.217 square meter floor area.
🐰【ESSENTIAL FOR HAMSTER】Hamster accessories include 1 hamster hideout, 1 hamster wheel, 1 hamster toy, 1 tunnel, 1 sand bath container, 1 feeding bowl, 1 water bottle, 2 platforms , a set * clean kit.
🐰【VENTILATION AND FUNCTIONAL】Double door design (one on the top and one in the front), which is convenient for interacting with hamsters and placing food and other things. The raised 5.6 inch transparent frame can be covered with thick bedding, allowing you to watch the hamsters digging holes.
🐰【DURABLE and STURDY】Reinforced iron wire makes hamster cages more durable and prevents deformation, bite resistance.
🐰【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】We strongly stand behind pet supplies with excellent craftsmanship and customer experience. If there is a problem, we will respond to your concern within 24 hours. Order now!


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