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【Ergonomic Design】The ergonomic design of our cat bowls can improve your cat’s health by helping them have a more comfortable eating posture. According to veterinary science, elevated cat bowls with an angled stand can help prevent cervical and digestive diseases.
【Durable Bamboo Stand】Made of natural bamboo, with good anti-deformation ability, the tray of our cat bowls is waterproof and odorless. It’s polished to be smooth and splinter-free, so your pet won’t get hurt. It is also easy to clean: wipe it with a cloth or rinse it with water.
【Food Grade Ceramic Bowls】Two large quality ceramic cat bowls (14cm outer diameter) are included with the stand. With a perfect size and a flat bottom, our cat bowls allow your pet to eat optimally. Your cat can enjoy every bite without touching the edge of the bowl too often and thus avoids whisker fatigue.
【Easy to install】 First, fix the bamboo tray to the metal brackets by screwing. Then glue the small non-slip mats below the supports (one on each side). Finally, put the cat bowls into the holes in the tray.
【After-sales service】Please contact us for dimensions. Our products are well packed with sponges around. But if by chance they arrive broken, or if there is a problem with them, please let us know and we will do everything in our power to fix them as soon as possible.


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