KOTONAMI Double Cat Bowls Small Cat 15


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Super modern and practical design, the double food bowls with raised support + food scoop bowls for cats, transparent.
The 2 food bowls: One for food (dry kibble, wet food, treats) and one for water. Suitable for your dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, pets.
Food scoop: the spoon gives the perfect dose to fill bowls. The bottom can also be used to seal food bags. Very convenient.
ABS material of high durable plastic. Two bowls are heat resistant, non-shattering and deformed. are easy to remove and clean.
Elevated cat bowl safety base improved stability, food is not easy to move or spill, non-slip design protects the floor from. 15° tilted design for easy digestion, effectively eats in an elevated position without crushing the stomach, anti-vomiting cat bowl.


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