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Rodent Toys – This is a set of toys for your rabbit or other rodents like chinchilla, gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, rat, mouse and gerbil. Includes several timothy hay sticks, applewood sticks, soft bamboo sticks, 2 heart-shaped grass cakes, 2 mixed grass balls, 1 woven carrot, 1 woven corn, 2 wooden lollipops apple tree and grass ball, 1 apple wood and grass ball twine.
Promotes Physical Health – These chew toys are high in fiber, which can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, help improve digestion and increase appetite.
Clean Molars – Applewood sticks can meet pets’ daily molar needs and help them grind their ever-growing teeth. They are very good natural toys for rodent animals to grind their teeth and improve molar health.
Entertain and Stimulate Your Pets – Small pets need some exercise, these toys can increase pet intimacy and help pets resist boredom, anxiety and stress . At the same time, it can distract the pet’s attention and prevent the cage or other furniture from chewing. A perfect cage accessory for your pet.


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