Mikqky Mini Aquarium Sponge Filter 2-Piece Set


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[Three-layer filtration] The bottom of the aquarium air filter is a layer of biochemical sponge to prevent small fish from being sucked into the filter. The medium is the moss stone and the top is the funnel outlet. It can increase the oxygen content in the aquarium and improve the survival rate.
[Suction cup design] The air pump sponge filter comes with a suction cup, which has strong suction and can be installed in any position of the aquarium glass. To avoid uneven mixing of water and air, do not use an oversized air pump.
[High Quality Hygiene] Our sponge filter trumpet is made of high quality plastic and sponge, which is strong and durable. Sponges are harmless to all fish and harmless to the environment.
[Keep the water clear] The mini aquarium filter cultivates nitrifying bacteria and makes the water clearer. The mini filter aquarium is suitable for small aquariums, shrimp aquariums and round aquariums.
[What you get] 2 sets (1 box/set) aquarium filter sponge, there are filter pump, aquarium hose (85cm), biological filter sponge in the box. This small and powerful tank filter can maintain cleanliness, quietness and low noise while performing biochemical filtration.


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