Pleasantsong Squeaker Dog Chewing Toy


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🐾【3 in 1 Dog Toy】- This natural rubber dog toys is not only a chew toy, it’s also a treat-dispensing dog toy that dogs can eat while playing. More than that, the toy dog ​​can be squeaky when chewed. Dogs get food through their own efforts in the hunting process, so the product gives dogs a certain sense of satisfaction.
🐾【Suitable for medium and large breeds】 – Dogs need to chew, especially for medium and large breeds. If you are looking for a sturdy dog ​​toys, this indestructible dog toy suitable for the dog between 40lbs and 90lbs will be a great choice.
🐾【Improve Dog’s Health】 – There seems to be nothing more emotionally soothing for a dog than chewing on a bone. This durable dog squeaker toys can help reduce dog anxiety and clean dog teeth, strengthening jaw muscles, which can help prevent serious dental health issues.
🐾【Extended Feeding Time】- This dog toy can be stuffed into different kinds of dog food, it takes time to take out all the food. Indestructible dog toy certainly works to get the dog to eat more slowly, which can reduce vomiting due to overeating and prevent obesity and indigestion caused by overeating.
🐾【Unique Treat Dispensing Design】- The bacon flavor treat dispensing dog toy is 15*8*8cm, 300g for medium and large breeds. The moderate hole and surrounding baffle design make it difficult for food to leak out, which makes the dog toy more interesting and stimulating.


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