VIPNAJI Dog Toys 15 Pack


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【Value Package】: The set includes 15 items, Single loop rope, Bone knot, Rope stick, Rope ball, Five-pointed star knot, Wheel circle knot, Rope hammer, Shoe knot ,Five-pointed star plush,Mushroom,Rabbit,Pig,Strawberry and donut toy,It is the perfect gift for your dog.
【Non-toxic and harmless】: Dog chew toy rope made of non-toxic natural cotton material, Safe, durable and eco-friendly.
【Relieve Boredom】: This toy can relieve your dog’s anxiety when you have something to go out and not at home, and it can also free up your time to do other things without messing up your home.
【Good for cleaning teeth】: This set of chew toys can help clean or exercise your dog’s teeth, Help dogs massage their gums, Reduce tartar, Combine play and dental care
【Unique Design】: The color of this toy set can attract pets’ attention and is very suitable for small and medium-sized dogs to play tug of war and other interactive games. There are sets of 15 pieces so your pet can choose to play and reduce other bad habits such as biting furniture.


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